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eco floor for spinnig with leds

Fitness Eco

Gym flooring for
cardio areas & fitness

High-density and resistant non-slip flooring to protect floor of all types of machines: treadmills, elliptical trainers, bicycles, rows... 

Cardio Flooring
& Indoor Cycling

The most Eco Friendly and price wise flooring.

Fitness Eco is 100% compatible with PaviFLEX Fitness,
so you can highlight the rooms with functional training markings in any color, easy optimization of the budget.

PaviFLEX Fitness Eco is the exceptional flooring at the right price.


But not only the price of the product is special. It is the respectful contribution of PaviFLEX with the environment. Fitness Eco is produced with the leftovers of our Fitness flooring. We recycle and produce again. PaviFLEX Eco is an Eco product with the same quality as our flooring Fitness but less expensive.


The Fitness Eco surface is water proof, as it is made of compact virgin rubber that doesn´t allow the water or sweat penetrate, therefore the product doest smell and it is long lasting than others. Fitness Eco is really easy to clean and maintain using just water and non abrasive soap for daily cleaning.


The base of Fitness Eco is produced in different grey, terra and black colors. The standard colours are combined with white, black or grey spots. But you can also customize the color with the spot(s) of your choice.

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eco fitness flooring for cardio
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