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room with led system on the floor

LedFlex Mood

Led system for lighting the floor

LedFLEX Mood creates an original atmosphere in your training room with led lights integrated into the floor with a system of walkable profiles that are easy to install.

Create an original & colored atmosphere for training with led lights

Make your fitness center looks different with a touch of light and color.

LedFlex Mood is a led system for lighting the floor and creating a different ambience for each workout. 


A decorative system of retro-lit profiles inserted in the PaviFLEX flooring that provides a very original and dynamic look to the workouts.


Change the ambient light of the room and let yourself be taken away by the multicolored guides.

Add LedFlex Mood to your Zonnax and interact with the lighting sequences to create more dynamic and fun training programs.

With a very simple wiring system to install, the LedFlex Mood brings distinction to your center and creates an original functional training space for groups or personal training.

functional training room with led system
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